Troop 19 Expands Book Availability During Covid

These book boxes will be given to the upper Rabun County school to place in areas in the county where students are not able to have easy access to books when school is not in session.
Students from Union Academy in Macon County, NC assisted RabunYES is a storm relief food drive

Local young artist, graduate of RCHS displays her work to the Chamber of Commerce. Youth-artists were invited to participate.

Scouts Alex and Liam working on book boxes for Rabun County
Rabun County EMT's give Troop 19 Scouts an Emergency Preparedness Tour


Total Contributions to Date

With the help of  contributors like you, we’ve been able to help local youth with support programs and kick off the Youth Center Project in Rabun County, GA 

$ 46 K
Funds Raised All Programs
% Goal Toward Rabun Youth Center

1st Quarter 2021 Update & Yr-end 2020 Metrics

As the year 2020 is thankfully behind us, and we look to 2021 as the break-out year from the stubborn virus, RabunYES would like to share with you the metrics we have assembled as of the close of 2020. The data was put together primarily for the tax-exempt org rating service called “GuideStar” where we maintain a Platinum rating.

We thought that having it all in one place for those interested, you might get a sense as to RabunYES’s reach and its work. Numbers don’t tell the whole story, but they are a benchmark for success which we call our “Scoreboard.” The big picture:

1. We continue to reach out to other youth organizations and have contacted Girl Scouts USA at a regional level and most recently are contacting Foxfire to see how we may help them with their initiatives.
2. RabunYES is heavily involved with Scouting BSA and will continue to do so in 2021.
3. The effort to build a Youth Center in Rabun County has far to go. During 2020 it has been a challenge raising capital, but during this new year we are committed to moving the ball forward. While we are still seeking temporary rental space, our mission to own a facility, for all youth groups to use, remains front and center.
4. Another leadership scholarship will be offered this year with the application process published no later than May.
5. On-line course material will be a major focus of this year. While we remain willing to perform in-person group training, the Covid situation may continue to push us into web-based training modules. Then we await the day where we are able to again work with the Rabun County Library.

It’s all good!

4th Quarter 2020 Update

Below is a synopsis of our Fourth Quarter: An “open letter” by RabunYES dated October 31st to out-of-town guests requesting patience in the wake of the damage caused by storm…
RabunYES Scenic

3rd Quarter 2020 Update

The release of our free on-line tutorial titled “Transitioning to Homeschooling in Georgia” has been wildly successful. Having advertised in The Clayton Tribune for four consecutive weeks and promoted the…

RabunYES raised 92% of its funds from individuals like YOU