November 2019 Update:

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• RabunYES will be adding a new Board Member at its upcoming meeting with a 50/50 male-female Board in place. The hunt for an additional prospect continues. 

• The organization has funded a Cub Scout event scheduled for Thanksgiving weekend, namely by paying for supplies so that the Cub’s profits will equal its revenue. 

• Advertising via two radio stations is under consideration as RabunYES must widen its reach in order to raise the needed $200k to build a youth center in Rabun County and first seek a parcel of land for that purpose. $27k has been raised toward this project since April. 

• The October seminar titled “Personal Finance 101” as held in partnership with the Rabun County Library went well. Other such seminars will be planned for 2020. 

• Donor summary letters will be prepared in late December to satisfy IRS requirements. RabunYES now sends ‘thank you’ letters within days of any contribution…size does not matter. Anyone who contributes more than once also receives a detailed accounting of contributions at year-end so they need not fish around for their records at tax preparation time. 

• Lastly, all Board Members will be marching in Clayton’s Christmas Parade on Dec. 7. The Secretary of RabunYES is completing at least four (4) applications for youth organizations in the county to participate. The Chamber of Commerce hosts the parade and RabunYES is a Chamber member. 

A donation of any size is always greatly appreciated, check made out to “RabunYES” and sent to Tom Buckridge, Treasurer at PO Box 283, Clayton GA 30525 

RabunYES is a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organization registered with the IRS as such and licensed in the State of Georgia 

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