Scholarship for $500 Awarded to Madison Echols – Aug. 10, 2020

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Rabun Youth Educational Support is proud to announce Madison Echols as the 2020 scholarship recipient of a $500 scholarship for demonstrating leadership in Rabun County. Madison is part of the 2020 graduating class from Mountain Education Charter High School in Tiger. She has demonstrated leadership skills in her past employment and currently at Blue Ridge Toy Store, as well as in her service throughout the county to include the NEGA Foodbank, student council, and Persimmon Baptist Youth group. She is both bright and introspective as expressed in her application for the scholarship. Madison will be working towards a degree at North Georgia Technical College with a goal of working in the field of health care. Her inspiration came from the nurses at the Rabun County Health Department. RabunYes is dedicated to bringing Rabun’s youth a healthy and fulfilling educational experience in collaboration with other like-minded tax-exempt organizations. Young leaders like Madison are the finest example of what Rabun needs for the future. Congratulations to her and the other scholarship applicants from Rabun County’s class of 2020.

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