3rd Quarter 2021 Update

  • A presentation was given at Foxfire in Mountain City on July 6th to some very bright high school students who are enrolled in a six-week summer program. RabunYES conducted a seminar at Foxfire on money flow through the US banking system from the Federal Reserve through the economy. Practical issues concerning money and the effects of inflation were addressed along with how US banks view consumer relationships, the types of interest rates and how they are determined.
  • Individual donors have used the secure PayPal service inside RabunYES’ website when making contributions this summer. RabunYES contracted for secure encryption inside its website to better protect those who visit the site… www.RabunYES.org
  • A collaboration with the Rabun County Library is set for October 14th @ 5:30 pm targeted at high school students (and their parents). The focus will be on financial independence and establishing oneself in the real world, The full title is “Guide for Young Adults Establishing Careers.” The session will address starting a career, money and building wealth and fulfillment. There is no fee nor is there a registration requirement.
  •  RabunYES will be giving a tutorial to Scout leaders in the Currahee District of NE Georgia Council on September 9th in Clarkesville. Scout leaders, unit treasurers and chartered organization reps are encouraged to attend. Practical recordkeeping, government filings and fiscal controls will be the prime focus to include a Q&A session.
  • Three YouTube tutorials are receiving many hundreds of views. We placed more attention on video training during the Covid period (winter and spring), but now have broken away from such training and place more attention on in-person education inside Rabun County. The video tutorials may still be reached from our website’s home page.
  • Boy Scout Troop 19 (as chartered by RabunYES) is planning a Fall outdoor skills demonstration along with participation of youth-guests age 11 through 15. A November date is being planned. RabunYES will assist with logistics and funding.
  • The $500 Annual Leadership Scholarship will be awarded in early August to a deserving applicant. The Board of RabunYES will make the selection at its July 26th meeting based upon the review committee’s recommendation.
  • Select businesses in Rabun County will be approached in August to assist with financially helping youth attend leadership training and emergency first aid field/CPR training. The courses typically cost between $300 and $350 each, which is out of reach for many families. RabunYES will supplement the registration fees for youth as it is able.
  • State of Georgia renewal of approval to receive donations in the state was received for the period Aug 2021 through July 2023. An extensive filing process was completed and certificate of approval received.