Programs in place for 2020 into 2021 are:

o Educating parents with homeschooling resources & the process of beginning homeschooling their child

o Assisting two Rabun County Scouting units with skills education, logistics and financial support

o  Providing a $500 annual leadership scholarship to a deserving high school graduating senior from Rabun County

o Educating young adults and their parents in household budgeting, credit score management and basics of finances; working with the Rabun County Library and other groups willing to host a seminar (materials with Q&A available in Spanish

o Assisted Scouting organizations with trip transportation costs & funding of supplies for their local fundraising efforts

o Contact with foundations willing to participate in establishing a Youth Center in Rabun County, GA

o Relationship building with other like-minded tax exempt organizations serving youth in non-traditional ways, particularly given the experience of COVID-19 in Spring 2020 where parents and educators were seeking learning experiences outside the classroom setting

o Assisting underprivileged youth and those with disabilities in learning new skills and building character

Local Scouts in Rabun County