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Second Half 2022 Initiatives in the making... Working with teenagers who have learning challenges, pairing them up with other youth of same age using experiential learning. Also, providing new classic books at Christmas to young kids who rarely would receive such gifts.

Check out our seminar on YouTube titled “Guide for Young Adults Establishing Careers.” CLICK LINK:   

RabunYES has displaying the history of youth camps in Rabun County as well as the history of Scouting from the 1920’s through 1980’s. The didplay was at the Rabun County Library for the full month of September 2022.


Eight teens from Rabun County enjoyed being sponsored by RabunYES to experience skydiving in an indoor controlled environment @ iFly in Atlanta. They also received STEM training in fluid dynamics, airflow and other cool topics.
Scouts as sponsored by RabunYES, joined by Banks County save hundreds of Hemlock trees at FoxFire in Rabun County

Managers at Georgia Power in Tallulah Falls presented a check to RabunYES on Nov. 9, 2022 from a June shotgun tournament fundraiser. The Citizens of Georgia Power (Tallulah Falls Chapter) presented the contibution in order to assist with RabunYES’s robust programs in Rabun County. 

Scouts Alex and Liam working on book boxes for Rabun County
Tom Buckridge presents principles of banking & wealth-building to Foxfire students.
Lauren Barnes, RCHS Graduate Class of '21 Received the RabunYES 2021 Leadership Scholarship


RabunYES will be placing a priority on sending kids to summer camps in summer of 2022. There are a number of groups/camps we are looking to support, such as 4-H, Scouting & YMCA. Many families are having a difficult time paying for summer camp experiences in these inflationary times.