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The RabunYES 2024 Budget has been finalized. A number of fine youth-focused organizations will benefit in this New Year. Our process has been improved by sifting through many programs during 4th Quarter such that organizations' programs can be evaluated and pre-approved for the coming year. Two benefits are (1) RabunYES can set aside funds into slots we know will be spent on great programs and (2) other organizations are guaranteed funding and can count on the money for their own budgets.

RabunYES is able to help out Rabun County 4-H by funding a “Project Achievement” program that can take kids to the Georgia State competition level. Also, we are funding four (4) youth for summer camp 2024 who might otherwise not be able to afford such an experience. We are pleased that we are able to double the support for 4-H over that of 2023. 

RabunYES purchased a whole bunch of bi-lingual books for the Rabun County Library.


Teens from Rabun County enjoyed being sponsored by RabunYES to experience skydiving in an indoor controlled environment @ iFly in Atlanta. They also received STEM training in fluid dynamics, airflow and other cool topics.
Very successful homeschool workshop for parents of high schoolers was chaired by RabunYES with Lisa Broz facilitating

RabunYES sponsors BSA Troop 19 in Rabun County. Shown in photo is the troop leading the Christmas Parade in Clayton on Nov. 9, 2022. 

Scouts Alex and Liam working on book boxes for Rabun County
Tom Buckridge presents principles of banking & wealth-building to Foxfire students.


RabunYES will be placing a priority on sending kids to summer camps in summer of 2022. There are a number of groups/camps we are looking to support, such as 4-H, Scouting & YMCA. Many families are having a difficult time paying for summer camp experiences in these inflationary times.