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2nd Qrtr 2021 Update

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Dear Friends of RabunYES,

Being mindful as to respecting our readers’ time, we do limit our communications to only once per quarter. On Facebook, however, our page contains far more frequent information to include photos. That is a good place for such things. Below, however, is our brief synopsis of activities going on this Spring:

  • An on-line course is now available (free) titled “Money for Young Adults.” A small introductory segment (a content sample) already had over 450 viewers. The full course is 34 minutes of detailed education targeted at teenagers and college students. The material covers how money flows in the USA and includes suggestions for young adults starting out on their path toward earning money and growing wealth. Course may be found at top of this site’s home page,
  • The 2021 RabunYES leadership scholarship application has been released. Another $500 award will be given to a graduating high school senior in Rabun County. Deadline for filing is June 30. Students are eligible from any high school in the county as well as for residents who are homeschooled. To receive an application, email us (via Contact page) and in subject line type: “Scholarship.” Kindly include student’s name and we’ll quickly send him/her an application.
  • RabunYES is scheduled to provide financial governance training in Summer to BSA Scouting units in Northeast Georgia. Tax-exempt organizations who charter such units will be addressed as to proper financial controls and oversight issues along with the relationship between chartered organizations and the unit committees and treasurers.
  • The Board of Directors is vetting a 5th Board Member to fill a vacant seat. Selection will be made from available individuals who spent their lives mentoring and encouraging youth in life skills. An announcement is expected to be made after the annual Board Meeting in late May.
  • Two other YouTube tutorials continue to attract attention, “Transitioning to Homeschooling in Georgia” and “Personal Financial Management 101.” These free tutorials may be found on our website. We are anticipating an appropriate time, post-Covid, when all three tutorials might be available for in-person education to include Q&A. Many hundreds of people have taken advantage of the on-line versions.
  • Build, buy or lease? This has been the question we have been asking concerning a Youth Center in Rabun. As of late, recognizing the time it takes to raise adequate funds, acquire property and then build a facility, the prospect of leasing a building emerges as an attractive option. Discussions are on-going in this regard and by May we hope to have a conclusive direction decided. Funds continue to be raised to support any of the three possibilities.
  • Key community efforts of our two Scouting units have recently gained attention. Scouts from Troop 19 built and distributed beautifully made book boxes across the county to make available books in places not close to the library and to supplement reading outside the school season. A photo of them appears on our website. On March 30, Scouts studying emergency preparedness were educated by Rabun County EMS on emergency responsiveness skills, perhaps leading some of the youth toward careers in that area. Cub Pack 6 worked on refurbishing benches at the rec center lake as well as cleaning up trash near Walmart. These projects were completed in conjunction with Keep Rabun Beautiful and local businesses. Local artist Kip Ramey contributed his artistic skills to the project also.  Getting the younger kids involved with community projects teaches them to be good steward of the environment as they grow up.

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